Hi, I am Youssef

I'm a backend developer who's focused on building things for the web. Over the last decade, i had the opportunity to work in a vast spectrum of web technologies, which allowed me to gain a significant amount of various experience.


Here are a few technologies I’ve been working with

Golang Python/Django/Flask/FastAPI PHP/Wordpress Javascript/Typescript/ReactJS NextJS PostgreSQL MySQL Redis InfluxDB Mongodb Docker Git RabbitMQ Ansible


Backend development

Looking for a backend developer to implement your business idea? Contact me for a bespoke back-end infrastructure. Upgrade, enhance, or migrate your back-end at affordable cost.


I have good experience working with Linux-based (debian) systems. In addition to server administration, I also specialize in application deployment, including installing and configuring web servers, databases, and other applications to run smoothly on Linux-based systems.


Got a project idea and you don't know where to start or how to start? Drop me a line. I can provide you a backend web development consulting service which cover a wide range of topics, including server-side architecture, API design, database management, security, and performance optimization.

Portfolio & Clients

Below are some of the projects i have worked on with several clients


  • yusuf.im
  • Audio Visual ALL TLD

Iranian lawyers

  • yusuf.im
  • Audio Visual ALL TLD

Storageinn UK

  • yusuf.im
  • Audio Visual ALL TLD

DFS Worldwide UK

  • yusuf.im
  • Audio Visual ALL TLD


Application deployment automation with ansible

  • yusuf.im
  • Mmogah


Application deployment and face liveness detection with FastAPI

  • yusuf.im
  • TrustSwiftly


Have an exciting project you need help with? Drop me a line at [email protected]